Mary O'DonoghueLogosynthesis is a relatively new method for guided change, which is simple yet offers profound and sustainable healing at the deepest level.

It is surprisingly gentle, in that it does not require the person to relive the traumas they suffer, in order to get permanent relief.
It is effective and is easily applied through simple, intentional sentences, by professionals or can be used as a self help tool.

Counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches, doctors, nurses and anyone working in the caring professions will find this training useful. It also qualifies for continuous professional development or for anyone in training as a therapist.
Because this is delivered by an accredited Logosynthesis trainer it also qualifies as part of ongoing training towards becoming a licensed Practitioner of Logosynthesis.

It can be used to relieve a variety of conditions which create suffering. Emotions such as fear, grief, guilt and shame can be resolved as well as disturbing memories, phobias, limiting thoughts and beliefs, bad habits, trauma and stress.


‘I have referred numerous patients to Mary and am constantly surprised by how fast and effectively they experience relief’. Dr. F

‘I had developed a terrible fear of flying as a teenager but after only 3 sessions of logosynthesis I was able to fly to Germany without any difficulty. Thank you Mary, I feel free at last’ Tom 25

‘I was in a severe car crash and was afraid to travel on motorways but after working with Mary I can go anywhere I want’ Angela 46

‘I suffered from depression and agoraphobia on and off since my husband died. I had 8 sessions with Mary and can get out of bed in the morning and look forward to my day’ Mary 69

Venue: Boyne Valley Hotel
Date: 20/21/22 February 2015
Time: 10am – 5pm
Price: 250euro

Contact Mary on 086-2315806 or at

Presenter: Mary O’Donoghue MNAPCP, MLBCAI, MEASC, MSAI
Licensed Logosynthesis Trainer, Practitioner and Supervisor