The Path of the Will

Logosynthesis in Finding Your Mission

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”  -Indian poet Tagore

The most important question in guided change is, “What is it  you’re here for on earth?”

The second most important question is, “What keeps you from doing this?”

For many people a life task is something they experience as tedious and stressful. They tend to strive for more and better, with failure as a permanent possibility.

The base of such patterns is rooted in a past that connected failure with flaws in one’s identity and worth. Processing this pattern enables you to learn from the past and to reach clarity about the future. You learn from what went wrong in the past and create your future with the help of all available resources.

This Advanced Seminar in Logosynthesis supports you in finding your mission and removing blocks in achieving your goals. It’s motto could be, after Rainer Maria Rilke,

“You must change your life.”

You will learn how to support your clients in discovering their life’s purpose and paving the way to achieve it.

Practitioners must complete a Logosynthesis Basic course before commencing any of the Paths.

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