One-to-One Coaching

One of the reasons we love the process of Coaching is that many people who walk into our office just want to get some support to take them from where they are currently, and make the changes they need to feel more content with their lives. Over our many years of Coaching with clients, we have found that, for a lot people, working on an individual basis is very successful in helping to set realistic, manageable goals and achieve the targets they set for themselves. All in a safe space that is completely centred around the client.

Clients who make commitments in the coaching relationship will discover, with our guidance, that they have the power within themselves to make positive, long lasting change.

We’ve supported hundreds of clients to overcome major personal blockages, lose weight, change job, expand their business, manage their time and finances and overall, improve their lives.

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Group Coaching

No team is perfect and sometimes individuals can become “stuck in a rut”. When this occurs, it can take a lot of time and energy trying to get back on track.

Using our highly skilled facilitators, we will work your group to develop effective and motivated teams.  This will allow you and your team focus on the really important aspects of growing and developing your business.

Maybe that quiet person is in the corner is just waiting for an opportunity to show their full range of talents and it can be difficult for business owners to give them the time needed to explore their ideas that could revolutionise your business.

We can help your group to:

  • Create a more cohesive culture within the organisation
  • Generate & develop new ideas
  • Assist individuals in identifying their strengths and manage their weaknesses.
  • Integrate new members
  • Recognise and manage conflict.
  • Create effective sub groups to enhance your work

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