Logosynthesis Basic

Logosynthesis is an innovative and comprehensive system for guided change that supports healing at the deepest level of your existence.

It is effective and easily applied within the fields of counseling, psychotherapy and coaching. It can also be used as a self-help tool.

Logosynthesis allows for the recognition and systematic resolution of self-limiting patterns and enables you to reconnect to your true Self.

Logosynthesis uniquely combines concepts from energy psychology and psychotherapy with the ageless wisdom of healing through the intentional use of words. It was developed in 2005, by Dr. Willem Lammers, and it contains a model and a method embedded in a coherent, holistic view of human nature that creates space for the spiritual dimension of change.

Logosynthesis can be used to relieve a variety of conditions that create suffering. Emotions such as fear, grief, guilt and shame can be resolved as well as disturbing memories, limiting thoughts, beliefs and fantasies, bad habits and physical symptoms.

The Basic Level seminar introduces you to the theory, the model and the method of Logosynthesis. The material will be presented through lectures, live demonstration and experiential exercises.

As a participant, you will have ample opportunity for discussion and supervised practice. At the end of the three days, you will be able to apply the basics of this state-of-the-art method to yourself and to your clients within the context of your professional practice and theoretical framework.


After completing Logosynthesis Basic, check out the Paths programmes.