Path of Abundance

Money is perceived as a blessing, a necessary evil, or even a filthy way to enslave mankind. You don’t have it and you want it, or you have it and it’s not enough. It’s amazing how money can cause distress, even though money in itself is completely neutral.

If you look at it more closely, money borrows its meaning from the socio-energetic fields you are part of. If you’re not aware of those fields, you may believe what other people, especially your parents, tell you about it.

The theory of Logosynthesis is a great help on the path to abundance. It can help you to understand money as an instrument, a resource in the service of your mission in life. The techniques of Logosynthesis can assist  you in removing blocks to that path, with a surprising ease and elegance.

This workshop introduces you to the Laws of Logosynthesis as they apply to money. You’ll identify unconscious limiting beliefs about money and learn how to neutralise them with the help of group exercises.

It also offers a series of live individual demonstrations with participants on the resolution of limiting beliefs about money.

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