First off, we want to wish you all a wonderful 2015. May it bring you contentment and happiness!

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In the meantime, why not have a read of some of our tips below:

It’s January, we all make those annual resolutions to lose weight, get a new job, take those art classes, spend more time with the kids, stop smoking…3 weeks in and the reality of life pushes all those wonderful plans to the back of your mind, only to pop up next January 1st! Sound familiar??

So why do these great ideas disappear under piles of washing or paperwork? Why do we let ourselves slip into those regular routines that we had last year? Well, it’s actually quite simple…our routine, is our routine! It actually takes effort and dedication to make the changes we really want but struggle to get.

Here’s some simple tips to help you actually follow through with those new years resolutions…

1. Is it actually something you truly want to do?

  • Will quitting your job to go back to study to become a dancer really make you happy or is the actual issue, that you are struggling in your current job and are worried that nobody else will employ you or that there are “no jobs out there”?

2. What skills/support do you need to make it a reality?

  • Many times when we set goals for ourselves such as losing weight, we don’t take into account those around us such as spouses/parents/house-mates who have not made the decision to change themselves. How will we cope with seeing our partner eating biscuits or take away when we’re trying to eat well? What will we say when our parents tell us we’ve lost too much weight and why can’t we just go back to the way we were? What knowledge do we need to know to be successful (e.g. healthy foods, what exercise etc.)
  • Simple things like telling our partner that we need their support to make this change and explaining how that support might actually look, will not only make them aware of how you need their help but will also cement in our own minds that we are actually doing this.
  • If you need to retrain or study, where do you need to go to do this? Is there a cost involved?

3. Is the change realistic?

  • “I hate my job, I want to quit and become a professional soccer player” said the 46 year old man! Well, with the best of intentions this more than likely is going to end up with the man being unemployed and watching the match from the stands. Make sure your goal is something you can actually achieve and is within your control.

4. Is it worth the time and effort needed?

  • You will need to invest your time and hard work (and possibly money) to make this goal happen…is it worth it? Stopping smoking, getting healthier and spending more time with your children are all clearly worth the time and effort…make sure the others are too!

That’s just a few tips to help you truly separate those resolutions that you really want to make from those that are just a whim.

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