I attended Logosynthesis Basic Training delivered by Mary O Donoghue in ….. I was immediately captivated & convinced by this new (to me) concept. Having worked for 30 years as a therapist I recognized the enormous potential in what was not only a deceptively simple & powerfully effective technique but also a way of being, thinking & perceiving clients & their issues. Mary introduced the ideas & techniques in a gentle, easy to follow & clear manner. Her own understanding of Logosynthesis, having been intimately involved in its evolution, combined with her natural ability as a gifted teacher & trainer guarantees course attendees an exciting, challenging & fruitful experience. As a result of this introduction I went on to attend many more of Mary’s training courses, both in Ireland & various European cities. Logosynthesis is now an integral part of my therapy practice as my understanding & use of it continues to develop & grow. It also informs my personal philosophy of life & energy in its various forms. Thank you Mary for this wonderful gift.”