I have found the logosynthesis training to be both interesting and helpful. I especially liked that it was taught in a way that I found easy to get to grips with, easy to ask questions and get answers in order for me to understand if there was something that I just didn’t get. I found Mary to be very helpful and encouraging during the practice groups and if anyone was struggling with anything she was always on hand to help and simplified it for us and in doing so everyone had a great understanding of what was expected of us and of what she was teaching and thus enabled us to then move to the next module feeling confident and capable. I practice Logosynthesis on myself when I need to and I always find my levels of distress decrease and I feel so much better. I would thoroughly recommend Mary as a teacher, facilitator, supervisor. What ever role she plays in your training she will give her best to it and you will come away from the training feeling empowered and ready to take on the next level.”