Lots of people assume that video coaching won’t be as effective as one to one coaching.  Over the past few years our video coaching clients have increased.  We have worked with clients from United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Australia and that’s just in the last six months!!!  Here are a number of reasons why it is becoming more popular:

  • Convenience – you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.
  • There is no wasted time travelling to and from appointments.
  • You could be anywhere in the world and avail of our coaching expertise.
  • Appointments can be scheduled to suit your time zone.
  • For local clients it can be an alternative to face to face appointments.

Here’s what our video clients have to say about it.

Personal coaching can be about becoming the best version of yourself, and about living a life of gusto, purpose, and impact. My coaching experience with Allen has not only helped me work towards those things, but it has enabled me to discover what makes me tick, what stands in my way, and which priorities and goals are truly important to me. Allen has the gift of being able to find “hidden” tools that allow clients to realize their goals. My sessions with Allen are always productive and insightful. If you had asked me a year ago if having Skype coaching sessions would be as rewarding or helpful as they have been, I might have been skeptical.  Thankfully, Allen is adept at helping me focus on what is really important, and what next steps I need to take.  He has fantastic, creative ideas that I’ve found eye-opening, simple and practical. As someone who generally feels reasonably competent, it’s amazing how Allen can help me cut through the diversions to discover what, in retrospect, is the obvious path. That is a unique and skillful gift that he readily shares with others.  Whether it’s a challenge that I wasn’t able to work through or a new endeavor that will affect my growth, I can look forward to having Allen’s insights and guidance to help me along that path.  What started for me as a focus on “getting good parenting advice” has become much broader and more beneficial. I highly recommend Allen as a positive, knowledgeable and effective coach.

                                                                                           -K. Hanson


I first contacted Allen to help me with navigating a new career in a field that can be frustrating and demoralizing.  I felt like he had the unique qualifications I needed to help me succeed and flourish in this business.  With his help, I have gained an immeasurable amount of confidence and he has given me a lot of tools that I can use when I get stuck with whatever situation may arise.  He has been an unending source of support and encouragement and he challenges me to look at situations from angles that I may not have seen.  He has helped me in both my professional and personal life.  He is a great listener and he provides a thoughtful and insightful approach to every issue.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in becoming an improved version of themselves!

-A. Rainey


I came to Allen for help with time management. I was hoping for some straight forward tips and some powerful motivation. I was not ready to face the fact that I was putting up my own hurdles and I was definitely not comfortable exploring why. But, Allen was just so genuine and caring that I couldn’t help but let my guard down with him. Once I did that his warmth and insight made it possible for me to gradually drop my guard altogether, a prospect that would have seemed terrifying only months earlier but has turned out to be more rewarding than I could have imagined. I’m still working on it but, Allen has given me the tools and encouragement to make changes I thought were impossible, not only in how I manage my time but in how I approach life. I am forever grateful.

-D. Ramsay