One to One Coaching Client

While working with Allen I felt supported, encouraged and most of all listened to at all times. His way of working empathetic but in a gentle calm manner he still manages to challenge you to confront the problems you are facing. His skill appears to come naturally to him which I would have no hesitation […]

One to One Coaching Client

I initially engaged with Allen because I wanted to take up a national role at work in and in order to so I had to go through an election process and make a speech which filled me with trepidation.  Through working with Allen I identified my own innate strengths which Allen encouraged me to bring to the […]

D. Ramsay

I came to Allen for help with time management. I was hoping for some straight forward tips and some powerful motivation. I was not ready to face the fact that I was putting up my own hurdles and I was definitely not comfortable exploring why. But, Allen was just so genuine and caring that I […]

A. Rainey

I first contacted Allen to help me with navigating a new career in a field that can be frustrating and demoralizing.  I felt like he had the unique qualifications I needed to help me succeed and flourish in this business.  With his help, I have gained an immeasurable amount of confidence and he has given […]

K. Hanson

Personal coaching can be about becoming the best version of yourself, and about living a life of gusto, purpose, and impact. My coaching experience with Allen has not only helped me work towards those things, but it has enabled me to discover what makes me tick, what stands in my way, and which priorities and […]