We’re delighted to bring you our brand new CA Coaching site.  What you will find is that we have streamlined our site to focus primarily on our Logosynthesis and Coaching elements, with all our Parenting content migrating over to our sister site www.helpme2parent.ie (keep an eye out for a brand spanking  new site over there pretty soon!).

Definitely check out our new Logosynthesis section. Logosynthesis is a therapeutic technique which can give people a release from fears, anger and shame, be it a fear of flying or some deep-rooted hurt. We’d highly recommend you delve into our Testimonials section to see what our clients have gained from this process. 

Not only do we offer Logosynthesis to our clients but we also provide training to professionals looking to expand their personal skill base with world-leading Logosynthesis trainer Mary O’Donoghue. We have a full list of up coming training opportunities in our Events Calendar section, where you can get the opportunity to train under Mary’s tutelage. 

You can also get more information on our Individual and Group Coaching programmes to give you more insight into how these work while our Podcast menu is set to significantly expand with the return of our Motivation Interview Series where Allen O’Donoghue interviews a variety of people on the paths they have chosen in life and how they got there. 

They really are a fascinating listen with really heart-felt honesty from our guests. Series 3 will will be launching in Summer 2019 so until then, you can relive our previous interviews over in the Podcasts section.

We want to thank you for your continued support of CA Coaching and hope you find this a useful resource and training calendar to continue your personal journey.

The CA Coaching Team